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Cadillac Escalade

Cadillac Escalade full Cadillac Escalade full Cadillac Escalade full Cadillac Escalade full Cadillac Escalade full Cadillac Escalade full Cadillac Escalade full Cadillac Escalade full Cadillac Escalade full Cadillac Escalade full Cadillac Escalade full Cadillac Escalade full Cadillac Escalade full
Cadillac Escalade full Cadillac Escalade full Cadillac Escalade full Cadillac Escalade full Cadillac Escalade full Cadillac Escalade full Cadillac Escalade full Cadillac Escalade full Cadillac Escalade full Cadillac Escalade full Cadillac Escalade full Cadillac Escalade full Cadillac Escalade full

Cadillac Escalade





1,400 AED/ DAY


250 KM/DAY

10.00 AED/Extra KM

No Deposit Required

9,310 AED/ WEEK

Exterior Color

Interior Color

Not Included

  • The tax is 5%
  • dubai gates crossing fees
  • abudhabi gates crossing fees

Escalade 6.2L Sport Full Option: Boosting Performance and Luxury

Presenting the Escalade 6.2L Sport Full Option 2023, the pinnacle of power and sophistication. This opulent SUV is a shining example of luxury and cutting-edge technology, with its sleek black exterior and cozy brown inside. We explore the dominant presence, potent power, and unparalleled features that characterize this amazing model, and we extend an invitation for you to witness its magnificence by renting it from Phantom!

The Strength of This Extraordinary Model

The Escalade 6.2L Sport Full Option 2023's engine is a beast that raises the bar for performance in the premium SUV market. The powerful 6.2-liter V8 engine in this vehicle produces an incredible 420 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque. Modern technology further augments the engine's dynamic capabilities, guaranteeing a seamless and responsive driving experience.

In addition to having a ton of power, the Escalade 6.2L Sport Full Option 2023 seamlessly combines comfort and performance. Its Magnetic Ride Control technology offers a controlled and comfortable ride by adjusting to changing road conditions. Because of the seamless fusion of fineness with agility, each voyage is a delightful and absorbing experience.

The opulent tan interior embraces you as soon as you step inside. The interior, which was painstakingly designed with every detail in mind, is the ideal combination of luxury and comfort. Luxurious materials, excellent finishes, and the newest in automotive technology come together to create an elegant refuge. Whether you're taking a long road trip or commuting every day, the roomy cabin of the Escalade guarantees that every passenger has an excellent experience.

Rent this Model from Phantom!

You can now personally experience the appeal of the Escalade 6.2L Sport Full Option 2023. At Phantom, we cordially encourage you to enhance your driving experience by hiring this exquisite vehicle for any event that calls for the ideal fusion of performance and flair. For whatever occasion—a milestone birthday, a professional meeting, or just the desire to turn heads—renting an Escalade guarantees that you will arrive in unmatched luxury.

Phantom offers a smooth and customized rental experience. Whether you're looking for an extended road trip or a short-term indulgence, you can select from a variety of rental options that are flexible enough to meet your needs. Our dedication to offering the best possible service guarantees that your experience with the Escalade 6.2L Sport Full Option 2023 will be nothing short of spectacular.


In conclusion, Cadillac's commitment to providing the highest level of luxury and performance is demonstrated by the Escalade 6.2L Sport Full Option 2023. It stands out from the competition among luxury SUVs because of its powerful engine, opulent cabin, and dominating presence. Rent this model from Phantom to take advantage of the chance to leave a lasting impact. Set out on an adventure where fashion has no boundaries and the road becomes your runway.



Driver must be over 21 year old to drive normal cars & 23 for sports cars

Valid driving license

Your valid driving license is needed on the day of car rental with a photo of your passport if you are not a resident.

Credit Card (Deposit)

We accept different payment methods such as credit cards and online payments.


We require a photo of your passport to rent your preferred car model from Phantom.

Frequently Ask Question

You can place a booking directly on our site:

1. Select the vehicle you’re looking to rent.

2. Click “Book now”

3. Select your insurance, the dates you will need it, delivery location and pickup time.

4. To secure the request for your booking, click “Book now” on the bottom of the booking window.

OR you can click “Book on Whatsapp” to connect directly to our sales team via Whatsapp. They will give you all details & help you with the procedure.

The allowed Milage per day is 250km, any extra KM will be charged separately. You can purchase extra Milage while completing the booking.

A deposit is an amount blocked on the customer’s credit card or cash. (not charged).

The deposit is blocked for 30 days. After that the we transfer to Credit Card or Bank Account.

We charge our customers any fines, scratches, or damages done to the car which wasn’t resolved on spot or after the car returned. We give our customers a proof for the fines/damages done on the car. If you want to follow up regarding deposit complains please contact this number via Whatsapp/call +971 50 101 0655.
If anything happened that might affect your scheduled request, we would manage it and inform you of any rescheduling if needed.

Comprehensive insurance is third party insurance, where if you damage the car, and it’s your fault, you will have to pay for the damages. (Included in all cars for free).

We offer free delivery for rented amount above 1000 AED within the Emirate of Dubai & Abu Dhabi. However, if the rented amount is below 1000 AED, a delivery charge of 250 AED and a pickup charge of 250 AED will apply. Additionally, we provide delivery to other Emirates with a delivery cost of 500 AED.

Your booking can not be cancelled, once the rent payment is processed.

We can’t issue any refunds once the car is reserved.

“Refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment”.


5 Stars average rating based on 374 reviews

5 Stars average rating based on 5 reviews

17:09 22 Apr 22
It's awesomeI like this because it has so many car collection such as rolls Royce and muscle cars and sports car for rent and off-road vehicles too
adam shurab
adam shurab
15:33 12 Apr 22
I visited abu Dhabi and was looking for an exotic car to rent ,I came across phantom and rented a Lamborghini from them , it was a great experience all around, dealing with Mohammad gamal is a pleasant experience he is very professional and does what he says he will do , when it came time for the deposit to be returned he contacted me before the due date and returned the deposit , I am very impressed and will definitely use phantom again when I return to UAE , I highly recommend.
Zishan Haspatel
Zishan Haspatel
07:28 02 Mar 22
Phantom Luxury Car Rental is a great company that offers high quality cars for rent in Dubai. The staff is super friendly and helpful, and the prices are very reasonable. I rented a Lamborghini Huracan EVO from them for a week and had a great experience. I would definitely recommend Phantom to anyone looking for a Luxury car rental service in Dubai.
Yasir Javed
Yasir Javed
19:40 30 Jan 22
Amazing Team , Especially Kareem he is so professional, humble amd cool guy he really listen the customer needs and help them to get it recently takes porsche 911 careera for long time - he help me to get the best price ever i got from other thank you phantom rent a car for such an amzing serviceRegardsYasir
Perfect iT Tecnician
Perfect iT Tecnician
11:15 01 Jul 21
Good Car’s Avalible For Rent
Hamed AlKetbi
Hamed AlKetbi
22:23 30 Jan 18
Offers almost all type of cars. From small green cars to premium luxury and comfort. Adding to that, you may even get a crazier decision to take out a super car, that will make the most unforgettable experience.
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