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Terms and Conditions

Phantom Rent A Car L.L.C. and Phantom Rent A Car – Dubai Branch L.L.C. is officially owned and operated by Phantom Rent A Car L.L.C.

1 – Online Payment Policy:

You need to use your Personal credit or debit cards to pay online. Otherwise, you can’t use this service.

2 – Invoicing and Payment Terms:

  • The renter will pay when picking up the rented car. Renters must inform their sales agent of any specific event and requirements before renting. In these cases, charges will be added to the security deposit in advance to confirm commitment to the rental and automobile.
  • In advance of terms of the rental (i.e., a prepayment), the invoice will be issued on the day of picking up the rented car, and the renter must fully settle charges immediately.
  • We charge a deposit of AED 5,000 on the renting day and will refund that money after 30 working days of car return to handle any traffic fines, Salik (toll charges), damages, etc. (These fines will be charged and included within the final cost)
  • Within Monthly and Lease rentals, the invoice will be issued in advance of the rental term and settled immediately.
  • Renters can pay using credit cards with authorization to debit future rentals and traffic fines. Renters can also pay using cheques, bank transfers, corporate credit cards, or other methods mutually agreed with our team in contracts.
  • Renters must have a maintained valid credit card on file within the renting time. Otherwise, we will terminate the agreement.
  • Rental periods are all estimated on a 24-hour basis. For example, one-day rental starts at 9 am, and the renter must deliver the car at 9 am the next day. If the vehicle is returned at 10 am or 5 pm the next day, an extra day will be charged.
  • If the rental contract is based weekly, but the renter delivers it during the first week, the renter will be charged daily, not weekly. It works the same for monthly rentals. For example, if the contract is based on monthly rental, but the renter delivers the car during the first month, the renter will be charged a weekly rate.
  • As per U.A.E. government instructions, V.A.T. will be added to the invoice for all rentals and service fees. Additional government levies and charges will also be applied as the law requires.
  • Please note that our online prices exclude V.A.T.

3 – Privacy Policy:

Here at Phantom, we prioritize providing each customer with a hassle-free and smooth digital renting process. We collect your information like Name, E-mail, and Mobile Number, to confirm you receive the accurate car model with your desired conditions. Renting one of our cars also requires this data to register the contract to our internal system and roads and transport authority (R.T.A) system and portal in the registration process. Renters can pay online using credit and debit cards safely as we don’t collect your payment data. Instead, full payment is taken by the gateway company and the corresponding bank.

4 – Cancellation / Refund Policy:

  • Your booking can not be cancelled, once the rent payment is processed.
  • We can’t issue any refunds once the car is reserved
  • Refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment.

5 – Drivers and Licensing Requirements:

  • Renting any of our cars requires a specific age of 21 years old. At the same time, we require a minimum age of 25 years old for sports cars.
  • Any person from G.C.C. countries and countries listed below are allowed to drive in the U.A.E. with their valid driving licenses:

List of Exempted Countries

Albania Estonia Italy Oman
South Africa Australia Finland Japan
Poland South Korea Austria France
Kuwait Portugal Spain Bahrain
Germany Latvia Qatar Sweden
Belgium Greece Lithuania Romania
Switzerland Bulgaria Holland Luxembourg
Saudi Arabia Turkey Canada Hong Kong
Malta Serbia Ukraine China
Hungary Montenegro Singapore United Kingdom
Cyprus Iceland New Zealand Slovakia
USA Denmark Ireland Norway
  • Renting any of our cars requires a specific age of 21 years old. At the same time, we require a minimum age of 25 years old for sports cars.
  • Any person from G.C.C. countries and countries listed below are allowed to drive in the U.A.E. with their valid driving licenses:
  • A driving license of any language other than Arabic or English must be translated into one of these two languages, at the same time, attested by the Embassy to continue the renting process.
  • Suppose your Visit or Tourist Visa in the U.A.E. changes to a Residency Visa. In that case, a valid U.A.E. A driving license is needed with a copy of your passport and residence visa page. Please note that you must immediately submit these papers to our rental agency when your Visa changes.
  • Renters must not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Otherwise, the renter will be responsible for the resulting damage repairs.
  • Renters must ensure they are eligible to drive a rented vehicle in compliance with U.A.E. laws.

6 – Delivery:

  • We offer outside delivery of Dubai & Abu Dhabi State with extra fees (depending on the delivery location).
  • Original valid documents are required to be shown when receiving the rented car.
  • Before signing the contract, drivers can take a photo or video of the car’s current condition.

7 – Restrictions:

  • Smoking inside the rented vehicle is strictly prohibited as it’s not safe while driving and can damage the car. Otherwise, it will cost a charge up to AED 500.
  • Renter must return the car in the same condition it was received in. An extra charge of AED 500 will be applied whether dirty or has food leftovers or new stains.
  • Off-roading, rallying, racing (drifting), going to the desert, and tracks in our vehicles are not allowed.
  • Renters cannot go over 160km/h in their rented car. Otherwise, the renter will be warned on the first attempt, charged AED 2000 on the second attempt, and we will take the vehicle back on the third attempt. In such a case, we will not refund the rental period.
  • Pets are allowed inside our cars, but cleaning after them is required before giving back the vehicle. Extra charges will be applied if the pet damages the interior or leaves stains.

8 – Mileage Usage:

  • Our rental offers depend on a maximum usage that’s entirely based on the kilometers numbers you state in your contract. For example, 250KM per day, 1500KM per week, or 4000KM per month. Charges will be applied at the rate of AED 10-25 per K.M. (depending on the car model).

9 – Salik (Toll Charge) and Traffic Fines:

  • Salik charges will be added to the total amount. (usually AED 4 plus one AED for service fee and V.A.T. on the service fee component)
  • Traffic fines will be the actual fine with AED 20 service fee and V.A.T. on the service fee component. Renters will be informed as soon as our team receives a notification from the concerned authorities.
  • An additional fee ranging from AED 500 to AED 1000 will be charged if the fine causes impounding the rented car.
  • Renters are required to pay these fees as soon as a notification is received.
  • A minimum charge of AED 1000 will be applied to the fines Phantom Rent A Car L.L.C can’t pay online.

10 – Insurance Terms:

  • We insured our vehicles with driver, passenger, and third-party liability. It’s the renter’s responsibility to ensure conducting a thorough inspection of the rented car upon check-out and ensure recording all pre-existing damages on a check report (VCR)

Insurance Type

Type of Vehicle Insurance Hirer at Fault & Hit-and-Run Hirer Not at Fault
If no added insurance is purchased, the hirer will be charged with the full Insurance Excess (IXS).
AED 5,000 plus 25% of repair cost plus V.A.T. (or the amount stated in your contract) in addition to the daily rental charges for the number of the days which the vehicle will stay in repair the daily rental charges for the number of the days which the vehicle will stay in repair
On purchasing SCDW, the insurance excess liability is waived.
n/a n/a
  • Renting any of our cars requires a specific age of 21 years old. At the same time, we require a minimum age of 25 years old for sports cars.
  • Any person from G.C.C. countries and countries listed below are allowed to drive in the U.A.E. with their valid driving licenses:
  • Our basic rental rate includes basic insurance.
  • SUPER COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER (SCDW) is 30% of the Daily Rate Price
  • Any damage and insurance claim will require a police report.
  • Repairs done by a third-party garage or mechanic are not acceptable for Phantom Rent A Car. Damage caused to the car will be charged in accordance with Phantom Rent a Car damage rate.
  • Damages of the interior, cabinet, tires, wheels, and rims are not covered by basic insurance or C.D.W. coverage. We will add extra fees for repair and replacements to the customer in such a case.
  • In case of an accident, we will terminate the contract automatically with no refund or replacement, even if the renter didn’t cause the accident.
  • Drifting is not allowed in our rented cars. In such a case of violating the latter, we will charge the renter with an extra AED 50,000 in addition to the total cost of repairing the mechanical failures and damages.
  • Driving in the desert, racing, and drifting tracks is not allowed. Renter will be charged with an extra AED 50,000 in a case. With an additional total cost of repairing and fixing damages.
  • Suppose an accident occurs, including two or more of our clients. In that case, we will terminate the contracts automatically with no refunds, and the C.D.W. insurance will charge each customer AED 50,000 in addition to the total cost of repairs.
  • Renters cannot apply any marketing materials such as stickers or wrapping paper to the rented car. In such a case, we will add an extra fee of AED 50,000 to the renter.

11 – General Terms:

  • All terms, conditions, and agreements between our company, the sales associates, and the renters must be recorded in contracts before enacted.
  • The applicable U.A.E. laws govern our rental and lease agreements. All practical current and future government taxes and levies will also be imposed as required by the U.A.E. laws.
  • We will not give any refund in case the renter returns the rented car before the end of the rental period.
  • Renters can take photos and videos of the rented car as soon as they receive it and give back the vehicles to our team.
  • We are not responsible for any personal belongings/luggage left inside the vehicle upon off-hire.


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